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  • LUXOmatic

    Flexible system for all types of bags Distance diagnose tool integrated- worldwide access for ...

  • Dualpress

    High quality device for whole blood separation Quick blood separation process and high platelet ...

  • Sepamatic

    Operates with centrifugated blood collection bags placed behind the front glass where the ...

  • Novomatic

    Possibility to process TOP/TOP Blood bags Possibility to process TOP/BOTTOM Blood bags 20 user ...

  • ErySep Classic

    Components of excellent quality. Only with earth gravitation. Cell free plasma. RC with good HCT.

  • MikroMatic

    Best choice for field applications Easy separation of whole blood Production of cell-free plasma ...

  • Manual Plasma Extractor

    Easy to use Manual system - accepts all kind of blood bags Frame and construction in stainless ...

  • Portable refrigerator

    The portable refrigerator unit has been specially designed for sanitary purposes such as ...

  • Silver Bags

    The SilverBags are a cost efficient solution for short term transportation. The SilverBag series ...

  • Blue Box

    No expensive cooling logistic necessary. Keeping of optimal temperature. Reliability for ...

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